Raboso, Cabernet Frank

The first plot, which is located in the south of Campobernardo, close to the river Piave and behind the cellar, is composed of clayey and loamy soils, quite heavy and rich in minerals, where the famous autochthonous red wines Raboso, Carmenere and Merlot grow, together with the golden Verduzzo with its strong character .

Prosecco Chardonnay, Riesling e Manzoni

The second one is the largest part of the company. Located in the north of the village, it has a medium type soils tending clayey, less rich in minerals and in want of fertilization during the vegetative vintage. In fact, in this area, varieties used to produce lighter wines with very elegant bouquet as Chardonnay, Riesling, Prosecco, Marzemino, Cabernet sauvignon and Refosco are cultivated.

Merlot, Raboso per i nostri rosati

The third part of the vineyards is located in Candolè, a small village of the municipality of Salgareda where there are medium texture soils, less clayey than the previous and here we have red varieties such as Merlot and Raboso of the Piave , suitable to get our best rosé wines.

Il vino: la poesia della terra.

The most delicate grapes are harvested by hand , while for the hardy varieties are used grape harvester of latest generation. The grape collection is the factor that mostly influences the final result, from the vineyard to the consumer’s table. Due to this, it’s planned very carefully considering the ideal parameters of concentration of sugar, acidity, aromas in white grapes and also polyphenols for red grapes. The high number of plants allows us to have a lower production per stump of vine than in the past, in this way, the quality increases as the plant has less fruits and focuses all its resources on the ripening of the bunches. In the last years, thanks to all these measures, we have had remarkable results, raising the quality level of bottled and bulk wines.

The growing interest of our loyal customers, new consumers and wine enthusiasts encourage us and inspire us to continue in this direction with the respect for the environment that surrounds us and a constant research of the genuineness and quality of our wines for the coming years.