Campobernardo, il Piave e i suoi dintorni

The name Campobernardo has a precise origin: "Campo (Field)” indicates the area connection with the earth, that has been transported by the river Piave for centuries making it very suitable for the cultivation of grapes ; "Bernardo " recalls “Saint Bernard” and the benedictine monastery of Busco, who heavily influenced the history of the countryside since the 11th-12th century .
The birth of this small rural settlement is dated back over thousand years ago, when the monks cultivated grapevine in these lands.
The history of the areas among the river Piave, the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomitic pre-Alps reserves even more ancient surprises.

A few kilometers from Campobernardo we find a beautiful town called Oderzo, an important cultural center and goods-exchange point since the Roman age. Its name was Opitergium and it’s located on the ancient route Via Postumia linking Rome to the important port city of Aquileia in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Beautiful excavations that highlight the flourishing civilization of that past epoch can be still found in the characteristic historical center of Oderzo today.
Another town with Roman origins is Portobuffolè , very small but even more interesting, where many medieval buildings and the old center can been seen.

A little bit more distant from our cellar, but reachable in few minutes by car, there is Treviso. This 14th century city, surrounded by massive ramparts and the River Sile offers charming nature corners and inside it is full of historic buildings such as the Palazzo dei Trecento and the cathedral. With its ancient streets, shops and several restaurants, Treviso is the right place to spend a pleasant day.

On clear sunny days from Campobernardo you can see our fabulous Dolomites, offering lakes to have picnics in the summertime and wonderful snowfields in the winter season for ski lovers .

At their feet we find Conegliano Hills, where more than 130 years ago was born the first school of viticulture and enology in Italy , the Institute of Agriculture and Wine Cerletti. Here, thanks to the intuition of great winemakers, the history of Prosecco has developed. This sparkling white wine has first seduced many Treviso citizens and then many enthusiasts all over the world.

The most important red wine of our area is the Raboso whose grapes grown for centuries along the banks of the river Piave. The history of this wine has interwoven with rural traditions and has had moments when it seemed to be no longer cultivated in the past decades, due to its hardiness and harshness, because only after some years of maturation it is expected to be fully enjoyed.
In the last years, ever more sophisticated techniques of winemaking have allowed us to rediscover it as red wine, the prince of the Piave, not only in the passito, the aged version, but also in the lighter version of sparkling rosé and red amabile.

Following the course of the river, among the beautiful bends covered by lush vegetation and continuing towards the sea less than 20 miles from our office, we find the most important tourist destinations of the northern Adriatic: Caorle with its peculiar colored houses and its old fishermen port, and Jesolo Lido with its 15 miles of equipped beaches and its sparkly nightlife .

Of course , we cannot forget the most beautiful city in the world… Venice, visited by millions of tourists mainly during the Carnival season , and reachable in about half an hour from our small country Campobernardo by train or car .

Our area is rich in culture, art, nature, fun and relax and allows us to give tourists and enthusiasts all that you can look for a long holiday but also for a quick weekend: a great way to get away from the hustle and daily bustle.