My name is Davide Cunial and I am the latest member of the long history of Cunial’s and of this company that, for over 80 years, produces grapes to get one of the greatest wealth of our territory : The Wines of the Piave!
Since 2009, together with my cousin Denis Cunial we founded the company Cà Bonetto , with the aim to build the new cellar destined to take on the company Cunial Valerio and Mario whose story begins many years ago and I am very proud to tell you it.

In 1922 , from a town on the hills of Asolo , Possagno , famous for being the birthplace of the sculptor Antonio Canova, my great-grandfather Cunial Andrea emigrated towards the valley and after a day of hard road with his family, arrived in a small village along the banks of the River Piave called Campobernardo.

The reason why Andrea Cunial bought land in this zone, is probably due to the presence of lush vineyards and fertile land to cultivate that led him to settle in a large farmhouse in via dal Zotto. Even now the choice made by Andrea has paid off : working together with the sons Emilo, Nicola and Giovanna, they were able to live in dignity in very difficult years such as those following the Great War of 1915-18 , and then later in the years of Fascism and second world war.

In the '50s thanks to the use of the first tractors, my grandfather Cunial Emilio and his sons Vittorio, Valerio and later also Mario, founded the company Cunial and managed to make their way in the field of the village of owned land but most of all on behalf of third sections working for the big landowners in the area of Oderzo and in the Venetian. In the same period, the wine produced in the company Cunial with grapes of the vineyards of Campobernardo , was consumed at home and in the neighboring families, becoming well known also in the province of Venice with the arrival of the first customers precisely from those areas.

In the 60s and 70s customers increase, coming mainly from Venice and from the province of Rovigo. Vittorio, Valerio and Mario took control of the farm destiny, acquiring new vineyards near the main nucleus consisting of the farmhouse of great-grandparents , beneath which there was a cellar supplied with various-sized wooden barrels, where the wine is put to ferment and mature.
Especially in the 80s and 90s the sales expand in Venice, Treviso, Rovigo and begin the first transports to Brescia, Bergamo, Milan and Turin.
The old cellar starts to become small. The purchase of new barrels in fiberglass for retail in the carboy and the arrival of the first concrete tanks where it leaves macerated the red wines, requires the company to expand. So in 1989 was built a more spacious cellar and equipped with the latest technology to meet the higher quality requirements of our customers.

The first wines in bottles is dated back to 1985, in the years when my cousin Denis, son of Valerio and my cousin Massimo, son of Vittorio entered to belong to the company. These wines were packed inside the historical site with its own bottling plant that allowed only the production of still wines.
In the 90s , however, the high demand of sparkling wines , particularly the Verduzzo amabile, the sparkling Raboso, the sparkling and Extra Dry Prosecco forced my dad and his brothers to rely on an external bottler, lacking in our site the appropriate equipment for the production of “bubbles” wines in the autoclave.
Over the last two decades, our wines have arrived in North and Central Italy and abroad thanks to the proximity of some major tourist areas such as Venice, Jesolo and Caorle.

My arrival in the company dates back to 2004, after completing my studies to become Winemaker and gaining experience in a large company in Treviso producing sparkling wines, and I gradually have taken on the commitment to follow the wine production and sale to customers, well supported by Mario, Valerio and by my cousins Massimo and Denis, specialized in the care of the vineyards and the countryside.
The development of new production technologies and the complete renewal of all vineyards have led us to achieve significant levels of quality of our wines, maintaining always a strong tie with the tradition, the authenticity and the characteristics of the land of the Piave.